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Current Events and Activities
November/December 2014

Homework Website
The link to the Homework website  is http://goo.gl/4jND3k.

Parent Evening Dates
Unless you are notified otherwise, Parent Evenings begin at 6:30.  A snack and beverage will be provided during the meeting so that those of you who may have to miss supper can feel sustained, but in the interest of an earlier conclusion we no longer serve snack before the meeting begins. Please plan to arrive at 6:30.
This year Parent Evenings occur on:
December 3
January 27
March 24
May 6

Homework Club
Wednesdays after school 3:30-5:00 Homework Club is a quiet, proctored environment for students to work on homework after school regularly each week. Please send Caryn Hesse an email or give a call when your student is interested in staying. For safety reasons we cannot allow a student to stay on the grounds without parental permission.

SAT and ACT Test Dates:
Please be aware that all standardized tests now require a picture ID

SAT -  For more details see collegeboard.org:
November 8 & 9
December 6 & 7
January 24 &25
March 14 & 15
May 2 & 3
ACT -  For more details see act.org:
December 13
February 7
April 18
June 13

Holiday Fair, Saturday November 22, 10-4  Early Bird Preview Adults Only, Friday, November 21, 5-6
One of the nicest events of the year is our Holiday Fair.  The great thing is that it is as much fun to help as it is to shop. The set up is a community event and sparks a festive spirit. Please watch the Bulletin for further information and opportunities to be helpful. We would love to encourage high school parent participation in the fair, specifically helping with decorations or with food and Alumni Cafe shifts.  It would be great to have parents from a variety of classes working together. This year there will also be a special adults only hour to shop without dragging your children along. Perfect time to purchase the gifts you want to keep secret.

Here are the links to the Holiday Fair Signups:
Holiday Fair Food signups: http://thoff1224.ivolunteer.com/holidayfairfoodsignups

Holiday Fair Shift Signups: http://thoff1224.ivolunteer.com/holidayfairshifts

Lots of Holiday Fair information and links are available on the school website:www.hartsbrook.org/holidayfair/
To encourage baking, there are lots of recipes attached to the website;s Holiday Fair page.  Take a look!
Thanks for your help.

Planetarium Show and Lunch at Panda East, November 26, 10:30 -1:30
A much loved annual event is the Astronomy Class presentation at the Amherst College Planetarium. A couple of students from Mr. Weem’s 11th grade Astronomy class will present a topic that they have researched together to the entire high school. After the presentation everyone will walk down to Panda East for a Hartsbrook community pre-Thanksgiving Chinese lunch! We will collect a fee of approximately $10-15 for lunch in the week preceding this event. Generally, we are finished between 1-1:30. When possible we ask parents to pick up their students in Amherst. There will be a bus returning to Hartsbrook but pick up time will be a bit later than Elementary school dismissal of 12:45 on that day. Further details will be coming in an email later in the month.

November/December Events At a Glance
Holiday Fair Set-up  All High School Students REQUIRED November 21 1-3:25
Holiday Fair Early Bird Adults Only Shopping November 21, 5-6
Holiday Fair November 22, 10-4
Planetarium Show & Panda East Lunch November 26 10:30-1:30