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Dear Students and Parents,

We welcome your interest in The Hartsbrook High School. During these pioneering years we are seeking students and families who will work with us to realize our ideals: to develop an education that meets the needs of today’s adolescents so that they can become responsible world citizens.

At Hartsbrook we place a great value on community: working together, taking an interest in one another, honoring each other’s uniqueness, and celebrating our differences. We hope that our application will allow you to get a sense of who we are and what we’re like. And we hope to get a sense of who you are and what you are looking for.

Our aim in education and in community building is to try to find the most human answer to each question. If there is anything that can make the admissions process better, please let us know and we’ll work on it.

Looking forward to getting to know you!

Sincerely yours,

Leslie Evans, Enrollment Director

Hartsbrook High School
Enrollment Office

Phone: 413-584-3198

Email: admissions@hartsbrook.org


High School Application Process

We would be happy to give you information about our school, our teachers and our curriculum.  Please call the Enrollment Office if you would like something mailed to you. Or, take a look at our High School Profile.

To continue the application process, we invite you to attend a high school visiting day. These are held on the second Tuesday of every month and they are open to both prospective students and their parents.  You may choose to come for either a half or a full day. These are good opportunities to attend the high school morning meeting, experience a class and talk more with current students.  If you prefer, you may also arrange a private tour to see the school with the Director of Enrollment.

When you are ready to apply, you may download the application forms below. They are as follows:

Form A – Parent Guardian Application 2015, to be completed by parents/guardians, with the application fee of $50

Form B – Student Application 2015, to be completed by student

Form C – Transcript Request 2015

Form D – English Teacher Recommendation 2015

Form E – Math Teacher Recommendation 2015

Form F – Guidance Counselor Recommendation 2015

Form G – Personal Reference 2015 (if the current school has no guidance counselor)

We then invite the prospective student to visit for two or three consecutive days in his/her current grade level.  During the visit, the prospective student will have an interview with high school faculty members.

When Hartsbrook has received all of the application materials, and the student visit is complete, parents will meet with faculty.

After the parent meeting, the admissions decision will be made.  Admissions decisions are made on a rolling basis. If the class is fully enrolled, qualified applicants will be accepted onto a waiting list for the class.

We thank you for your interest in our school!

Financial Aid

The Hartsbrook School tries to make its program as accessible as possible. Financial aid decisions are made entirely on the basis of need. Assistance is available up to a maximum of 45% of tuition costs.

To apply for financial aid, please click here to visits the FACTS Tuition Aid website and complete an online application form.